About Founder

Mr Virendra Rawat - a Green Schooling Crusader is leading the Company as its Founder Director. He has received many International Awards for his contribution in the area of Education specially gifting – Global Green School concept - Most Affordable & Sustainable Model of schooling.


Mr. Rawat is the Founder of the Green School Concept, which is creating a community of Nature Champions through the Green Curriculum. This community is expected to follow a Nature Centered lifestyle, which will inspire everyone in everywhere to make this Planet sustainable and livable for the Next Generation.


He has transformed more than 150 conventional Schools and Universities into Global Green Schools and Green Universities in India, UAE and USA.


He is a member of United Nations Association of USA. He has addressed the Harvard University and United Nations on Sustainable Practices in Education & Green Schooling Concept. He is a member of Harvard Extension Environmental Club of Harvard University.


Mr. Rawat is a Mentor of Climate Reality Leadership Corps, headed by Al Gore – former Vice President of United State of America.


He is mentoring many Individuals, Schools and Universities on sustainable practices and Hosting Model United Nations Worldwide.


He is the first person who has introduced Green Uniform in Schools and Universities; he has also presented Zero Carbon Lifestyle Clothing in India, UAE and USA.


He is the only person who has introduced, Nature connected Global Green Curriculum, Green Teacher Diploma, Green Games and Green Incubation Centre as alternative Concept of Global Education.


Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure 100% Sustainable Solutions.