National Principals Conference -2020


Conference participants will see a wide variety of session types listed in the conference program. The different formats help us maximize the diversity and number of presenters. Session formats vary in length and degree of depth and interaction.


1. Early Childhood care and Education
2. Emerging Curricular & pedagogical structure for school Education
3. Holistic Development of Learner
4. Power of Mother Tongue - Education in the Local Language
5. National Curriculum Framework
6. Transforming Assessment for Student Development
7. Effective Teacher recruitment and development
8. Career Management of Teaching Staff
9. Education of Children with Special Needs
10. Regulation and Accreditation of Private Schools
11. Implications of RT Act
12. Restoring Integrity of teacher Education
13. Disruptive Technologies
14. Vocational Education in Secondary School
15. Investment in Education


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