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  • 3rd NYC Green SchoolConference
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Welcome to Green Mentoring & Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

Green Mentoring & Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian Nature driven Company, promoting Spirit of Sustainability through Education in India, UAE, USA, Argentina and Bangladesh. Company has various other Nature connected areas of business i.e. Clothing, Life style, Energy, Water, Technology and Transport.


To Create a Green Community, through applying Power of Nature in Education. To promote Carbon neutral business practices, by providing optional Eco-friendly and Healthy life style products and services.


To See a World driven by Law of Nature, respect to the Nature and natural resources, full of happiness, Shared Values, respect to Bio diversity having a Global Green community by 2050.


To create opportunities for Green Education though transforming at least 10% conventional existing Schools and Universities into Green Schools and Green Universities worldwide by 2025.


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About us

Green Mentoring & Solutions Pvt ltd. that demonstrates the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards, in Sourcing, Processing, Manufacturing, Transporting and Selling its Green products.

Law of Nature

Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure 100% Sustainable Solutions.