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KNOWING CLIMATE IS SAVING CLIMATE because there is no Planet B

There is no denying that the Earth's Climate has Changed and this affects each one of us...every living and non living being.


Climate is multi disciplinary in Nature. Our learning experiences are often based on our local surroundings; indeed family is the basic unit from where a child learns to become a member of society.

The Values, Traditions, Customs, Art, History, Folklore etc. practiced and followed at home is unified by Religion, Culture, Language or Nationality and becomes a part of our socio cultural environment.

Our actions impact the world. Hence our consciousness and environmental sensitivity to respect for the Interdependence of all life on this Planet is the crying need of today.


Climate Action is Central for the Future of our Planet.


CLIMATE OLYMPIAD 2018 addresses responsible Climate Actions on raising awareness of the Climate, building a deeper understanding of its integral components and inculcating the right attitudes and values towards different aspects of the Climate.


Over 10 years of experience we’ll ensure 100% Sustainable Solutions.